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    North Africa Theatre

    Henry William Nicholls joined the 6th Light Horse Regiment in 1937, he later joined the Australian Infantry Force (A.I.F) in 1939. On September 1940, H.W.Nicholls was commissioned and sailed the same month with 2/1st Pioneers as Platoon Commander. H.W.Nicholls served in Palestine, Egypt, Benghazi & Tobruk. On 29-30th June 1941 he won his 1st Military Cross at age 20.


    Tel-Aviv, Palestine 1940

    On September 1940 H.W.Nicholls sailed from Australia to Tel-Aviv, Palestine after the Italian bombings of British Administered Mandatory.


    Cairo, Egypt 1941

    Postcard from H.W.Nicholls

    “Heres a photo of a poor little chap out in the wilderness or should I say desert. Its a good place only the birds in the trees make too much noise of a morning. Its quite a job to find wood to boil the billy here”.


    Benghazi, Libya 1941

    Benghazi fell to Axis forces in February 1941, the city was subsequently recaptured by the British in January 1942. It is unknown what operations H.W.Nicholls was involved in but is credited by the Australian War Memorial for operating in the area.


    Tobruk, Libya 1941

    Tobruk is not a siege, nor a defence. It is a permanent offensive … day after day, night after night.

    H.W.Nicholls was awarded the Military Cross on 17th October 1941 for extreme gallantry, initiative and skill at the age of 20.